Indian Point Blagden Preserve – Maine – Part 6 – 20195 min read time

On the recommendation of a friend from the Bar Harbor area, we decided to check out a place outside of Acadia National Park, Indian Point Blagden Preserve. This is a 111 acre…

preserve owned and maintained by The Nature Conservancy.

There is a lot of very big old trees along the trails leading down to Western Bay. This was a very pleasant walk on this hottish September day!

There was one area where the trees had died. This was an interesting contrast to the vivid greens of the spruces, cedars and firs.

Monochrome to show the contrasts.

As our group walked along the trail we each found different things to attract our photographer’s eye! I was once again on the lookout for mushrooms as the environment in the forest was perfect for fungi growth.

I was fortunate to find some unusual and colorful specimens to photograph.

Mushrooms are not the easiest subjects as they are almost always very low to the ground (my old knees hate that!) and they grow in places where there is a lot of leaves and wood debris!

Sometimes you have to help Mother Nature and do a bit of cleaning to get an unobstructed image.

I spent a couple of minutes moving away the debris to get the following beautiful orange mushroom. This is when an articulating LCD on your camera really comes in handy so you don’t have to lay on the ground to get this type of image!

The trail, at one point, came out of the woods into a field and an old apple orchard. This is some of what remains of the old Bladgen estate.

We did not see any deer but there was evidence that they had been in the orchard having a bit of apple for a snack!

The trail continued on toward the bay until it ended at a lookout point. There were two bright red Adirondack chairs at the edge. A great place to stop, catch your breath, and enjoy nature!

I am always on the lookout for interesting textures to use with my photography and the rocks here at Indian Point Blasdgen Preserve were perfect!

While I waited for the others to catch up I got to sit for a bit but not for long as I also wanted some images along this rocky shore! The clouds were so gorgeous!

Once all of the group got to see and sit at the end of the trail at Western Bay we turned back and took the shorter trail back to the parking area.

I highly recommend a visit to this beautiful preserve. The hike is moderate, level (with some roots and rocks) but longish. Since this is a private preserve, you need to check to make sure it is open when you want to visit.

Check out the Indian Point Blagden Preserve website for more details.

Please click on any image for a larger version or visit my Gallery for these and more images.

Our next stop will be Asticou Azalea Gardens and Inn in Northeast Harbor, ME.

That is all for now.


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