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Folly Beach and Charleston, South Carolina – Day 3 – 2021

For our last full day in South Carolina, we decided to shoot the sunrise and a “rainbow”, so that plan would take us to…

Folly Beach and back to Charleston!

We had taken the day “off” on our actual 3rd day in SC so we were ready to get up very early and head to Folly Beach for sunrise. There is a large pier at Folly Beach which we hoped to use as a subject but when we arrived we found that the pier was under reconstruction. So, I had to work around the cranes and other construction equipment that were on the pier.

We were fortunate to have a beautiful sunrise with lots of color and some clouds!

The underside of the pier was a good subject.

But I was pulled to the color and the waves on the beach.

Then the reflections, shadows, and textures of Folly Beach caught my eye!

We noticed that the shadows of the pier were interesting so we asked our friend to do some more modeling for us!

She was happy to do some more jumping for me! See Day 2!

And then I just had to play with those long early morning shadows just a bit more.

Once the magic of the sunrise started to lessen we decided it was time to drive back to Charleston and try to catch the early light on “Rainbow Row”, a line of pastel-colored Georgian rowhouses in the southern section of downtown.

We had tried shooting “Rainbow Row” in the late afternoon and the light was just not right. We also had to contend with the shadows thrown by the buildings across the street so it could not be too early!

The other issue is the cars along the street, but I decided not to worry too much about that and work around them as much as possible.

Some of the sidestreets still have cobblestone so I got down low to include them in the image. That articulating LCD on my camera helped a lot!

The trees, their shadows, and cars were in my way for the next image but I just had to get those colorful buildings.

We once again walked out along the Joe Riley Waterfront.

We had to stop by the iconic Pineapple Fountain one more time!

We worked our way back over to the streets and found some more colorful buildings.

Charleston is known for its windowboxes and door wreaths so I had to capture a few of those.

About this time we were getting a bit hungry so we decided to find a French bakery. We Googled French bakery (Google is our friend) and La Patisserie looked like a great place.

When we arrived we found that it was very busy but we got in line and it was so worth it.

There were so many choices it was hard to decide but I settled on this very fancy chocolate bomb!

We were exhausted and running on a sugar high so we decided to go back to the condo and take a nap!

Once up from our nap, we headed back to Charleston for our final dinner at the seasonal eatery, Park and Grove. This was another terrific restaurant but evidently, I was so hungry, I forgot to take any photos! My Bad!

We then drove back to the condo and packed for our departure in the morning.

I recommend a sunrise stop at Folly Beach and do try to see “Rainbow Row” in the late morning light!

The restaurants in Charleston are some of the best out there so do some Googling and try those 4.5 to 5-star places, you won’t be disappointed! Yes, we are photographers but we do love to try new food and restaurants!

Please click on any image for a larger version or check out my galleries for these and many additional images: Folly Beach and Charleston

We made one more stop on our way out of South Carolina on Day 4! The Ruins of the Old Sheldon Church will be my final SC trip post.

That is all for now!


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