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On our second day in the Philadelphia area, we decided to pop over the state border to Delaware.  On a dark and rainy day, our first destination was Winterthur Museum and Garden in Winterthur, DE.

Some Details from Wikipedia

Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library is an American estate and museum in Winterthur, Delaware. Pronounced “winter-tour,” Winterthur houses one of the most important collections of Americana in the United States. The museum and estate were the home of Henry Francis du Pont (1880–1969), Winterthur’s founder and a prominent antiques collector and horticulturist.

Our Visit to the Mansion

Upon arriving at Winterthur the weather had not improved so we took the shuttle to the mansion for the tour.  It was much warmer and dryer inside!

The tour guide took us through the massive house showing us some of the many antiques.

A Different Kind of Piano – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


A Beautiful Harp – Niko Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


My favorite room was at the very end of the tour.  There was a spiral staircase and then a perfectly place ornate mirror!

A Stairing Eye! – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


The Lady Under the Stairs – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


When we finished the tour, we picked up our backpacks and went outside.  It was still a bit drizzly but it had warmed up a little.  We went to the back of the house to get a full view of the mansion.

Winterthur Mansion  – iPhone 12 Max Pro


I then pulled out my Nikon Z6 Infrared converted camera with the FTZ and 16-35mm lens.  The mansion just went on and on!

Winterthur Mansion – Infrared converted Nikon Z6 with FTZ and 16-35mm lens.


We had seen the reflecting pool as we rode around the mansion on the shuttle, so we walked down the steps to get a better view of it.

Reflecting/Swimming Pool with Mansion in the background.  Infrared converted Nikon Z6 with FTZ and 16-35mm lens.

Our Visit to the Gardens

From the pool, we walked out into the extensive gardens.  There were formal gardens and there were huge meadows with flowers growing in them.

In April, the spring blossoms and flowers were just starting to cover the gardens.  We had been told by the shuttle driver that they had experienced late snow so some of the flowers had been damaged but we could see that there were still many colorful blooms all around.

My eye was immediately caught by the color blue!  Virginia Bluebells were planted along the drive we walked along as we headed to the gardens.

Virginia Bluebells – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


As we approached one of the garden areas, I saw that many of the magnolias had been damaged by the cold but I found a few buds and the Star Magnolias were in much better condition.

Magnolia Bud – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


Star Magnolia –  Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


We could see a very colorful area as we walked around the magnolias.   There was a whole group of blooming quince trees that were surrounded by Squilla flowers in the grass.

Colorful bushes surrounded by Squilla in the grass.    Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


Squilla flowers in the grass –  Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


I set my sights on the brightly colored Quince bushes.

Red Quince  – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


Peach-colored Quince –  Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


I pulled out the infrared camera to get a wider view of the garden.

Infrared view of Quince Garden –  Infrared converted Nikon Z6 with FTZ and 16-35mm lens.


From there we walked out through the trees toward the road we had been on in the shuttle.  We had seen a number of cherry trees that we wanted to get a closer view of.

Huge Cherry Tree –  Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


I walked under this huge tree and it was absolutely beautiful being in amongst the cherry blossoms!

Cherry Blossom Up Close –  Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


Across the road were the meadow with a couple of other cherry trees and the start of the large daffodil gardens.  Our shuttle driver had told us that Mr. DuPont had planted the daffodils in irregular patches that when seen from a distance, would look like clouds in the sky!  But we first spent a few minutes trying to get the daffodils with the pink cherry blossoms in the background.  I had to get right down on the ground to get this image.

Daffodils with Cherry Blossoms –  Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


We walked out across the meadow, where I could see the cloud effect of the daffodil patches.  I shot 15 vertical images with some overlap to get this panorama of the meadow.

Panorama of the Meadow with the cloud-shaped Daffodil patches –  Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


I took a few more images in this beautiful meadow!

Across the Meadow –  Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens –  Sky Replaced in Luminar Neo


Looking Across the Daffodil Patches at the Cherry Trees –  Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


At one point I laid down in a patch of daffodils to get these images.

Daffodils –  Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


Daffodils in Infrared –  Infrared converted Nikon Z6 with FTZ and 16-35mm lens.


There is a massive research library next to the mansion.  Not much to photograph in a library so that was not on our agenda.

It was time to catch the shuttle and head out to get some lunch.  After lunch, we headed over to Wilmington, DE to visit the other DuPont estate in the area.

Some Details from Wikipedia on the Nemours Estate

The Nemours Estate is a 200-acre (81 ha) country estate with jardin à la française formal gardens and a French neoclassical mansion in Wilmington, Delaware. Built to resemble a French château, its 105 rooms on four floors occupy nearly 47,000 sq ft (4,400 m2). It shares the grounds at 1600 Rockland Road with the Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware, and both are owned by the Nemours Foundation.

Nemours was created by Alfred I. du Pont in 1909–10 as a gift for his second wife, Alicia. It was named for the north-central French town of Nemours, which was affiliated with his great-great-grandfather, Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours. Carrère and Hastings designed the mansion, which is in the Louis XVI style of French architecture.

Our Quick Visit to Nemours Estate

We arrived at Nemours as the weather worsened so we quickly walked around and I made a few images.  I visited Nemours in 2018 and my gallery for that visit has more images.

A View Across the Estate – Nikon D850 with 105mm lens


Since one of my photographer friends is a car guy we did take a walk around to the car garage.

DuPont’s beautiful old cars! iPhone 12 Max Pro


There were only a few flowers blooming in the Nemours gardens.

Early Tulip –  Nikon D850 with 105mm lens


My favorite image was actually taken from the parking lot.  This is an abstract of the side of the Nemours Children’s Hospital that is adjacent to the Estate.

Building Abstract – Love those shapes and colors


I highly recommend a visit to Winterthur Museum and Gardens as well as Nemours Estate.  From images on their social media pages, the gardens were even more spectacular later in the spring and early summer!

We still had some time before our dinner reservations in Wilmington so we decided to find a park to spend some time.  We found Brandywine Park which was set along Brandywine Creek in Wilmington.  To our surprise, the park was full of cherry trees that were in full bloom!

The Fountain in Brandywine Park – Nikon Z7 with 24-70mm lens


Amazing Cherry Trees –  Nikon Z7 with 24-70mm lens


After a long day of walking in the dreary weather, we were ready for dinner!

Click on any image to see a larger version OR visit my galleries to see and purchase prints and other items with these and additional images: Winterthur Museum and Gardens, Nemours Estate, and Brandywine Park

My next blog post will be on our visits to one of my favorite places in America, Longwood Gardens!

That is all for now.


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