Travel Obscura


The Explorer
All features on Travel Obscura are now under one account and FREE!! Tell your friends! (Thank you to those that supported us and helped get this site started!)
  • Bucket List - Favorite your places and recall them easily on your Profile Page
  • "I Feel Lucky" feature that finds a random location each time you use it
  • Featured photographic travel stories with location lists, shooting tips, restaurant suggestions (as they become available)
  • Basic maps with location markers
  • World Tour Map (we are buildng a map featuring all of the stories here, a whole new fun way to explore)
  • Members Only Forums (NEW)
  • Detail Maps (Location, Shot details, Hiking trails, jeep trails, etc)
  • Exclusive discounts on tutorials, photo workshops and events
  • Access to the Travel Obscura private communities on Facebook and Google+
  • Invitations to participate in live events such as Google Hangouts and FB events

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