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Devil’s Kitchen – Bandon, Oregon – Part 5 – 20214 min read time

One of the many beach access points along the Beach Loop Road in Bandon is…


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One of the many beach access points along the Beach Loop Road in Bandon is…

Devil’s Kitchen. From a parking area above, you take a sloping trail down to the beach.

Since we were working with the tides, trying to hit the beaches at low tide, we visited this one after dinner in the early evening. We thought we might get a break in the clouds, and I did see a touch of blue sky to the southeast, but it was not to be, and we once again had an overcast sky!

I am always looking for abstract patterns and shapes and this beach turned into the “shape” shoot.

I also pulled out the infrared converted Nikon Z6 to get a different look with some of my images.


There was a large runoff stream coming down from the land which created very nice “s” curves so I played with those for a bit.

An “S” curve from above.

My fellow Sheographers were all over the beach so I decided to include them for some “scale”.


As you can see the infrared converted camera can see so much more detail in the clouds than the regular camera and even to some extent, my eyes!

I had to try some ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) with my iPhone 12 Max Pro using the Average Cam Pro app.

I know it’s weird but it is FUN!!

From there, I looked out at the rocks in the water. They were not as dramatic here as some of the other beaches but they were still interesting. To add some drama, I used a Neutral Density filter on the lens, and while on the tripod, made a 13-second exposure. This gave me that nice wispy look.

Long Exposure with Neutral Density Filter

As I started to walk back toward the trailhead, I started to see more shapes and patterns in the sand. The sidelight, even though somewhat diffuse, brought out the contrasts that make the patterns and shapes stand out.

As I made my way back to the parking lot I turned around and made one last image with the infrared converted camera.


I highly recommend a stop at Devil’s Kitchen when in the Bandon, OR area.

To see larger versions of these and even more images, please visit my Gallery.

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My next post, Part 6, will be about my side trip to the very cool and beautiful Crater Lake National Park.

That is all for now.


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